We love our clients and patients!

Hearing from our clients and seeing our patients back in action is what drives us! Thank you for taking the time to let us know that we have helped you and your canine companion get back to what you love. If you enjoyed your visit, please use the buttons below to leave us a five-star review on Google.
Our 3 yr old dog Bella had two TPLO surgeries done by Dr. Franklin, and we can’t thank him enough for the the amazing results we have seen! Our girl is getting back to her normal crazy self, and we are so grateful that he was able to help us along the journey! He has improved her quality of life significantly since her first surgery in November and we have been on a long journey since then! From the friendly staff to the beautiful office, this is the place I would 100% recommend!
Chloe D.

Thank goodness I was introduced to Dr. Sam Franklin. He has helped my Cooper with surgeries and even an emergency visit on a Sunday. He has gone over and beyond by emailing, texting me on Coopers progress. Looking forward to bringing Cooper to his new facility. Thank you Dr Franklin
Marcia M.

The Kansas City area is very lucky to have such excellent board certified orthopedic surgeons for our pets! The KCCO team is wonderful!
Shonda B.

Thanks to Kansas City Canine Orthopedics and Dr. Franklin for going through all the surgical and non-surgical options for my best buddy. He means the world to us and we are lucky to have their awesome team help us!

Kansas City Canine Orthopedics and Dr. Samuel Franklin were great with my fur baby. He had TPLO on his right knee and he is doing awesome. I was so impressed, especially with his incision, you could not even see it even right after the surgery it healed so nicely. He was very helpful and answers all of our questions.

Dr. Franklin and his colleagues performed a TPLO surgery on our dog in January 2022. Their expertise and care was second to none. We recomment K9 Ortho to anyone whose animal is in need of Orthopedic/Sports Medicine care.

My dog had TPLO on both knees with Dr Franklin. We couldn’t be happier! She is doing great, getting back to her normal life and finally no more limping!

Dr. Goodman is incredible and exceeded all of our expectations! Our 1 year old pup developed a limp after a fractured tibia which led us to Dr. Goodman. He answered all of our questions and thoroughly explained his findings and recommendations (we never felt pressured to do anything). His compassion helped put my mind at ease and Tahoe had a seamless knee surgery recovery! Not to mention Tahoe loves walking into the office and greeting her friends 🙂 Everyone we interacted with has been amazing. My husband and I are incredibly thankful and couldn’t recommend him enough.
Jamie B.

Dr. Franklin is the best. He was super candid about the prognosis and options for our Golden’s elbow issues, and really empathized with my fears. You can tell he is an animal lover and wants the best for his patients. We opted for an ulnar osteotomy and our puppy is fully recovered and moving better than ever. 10/10
Ed L.

Dr. Goodman was fantastic with my pup. He addressed all of our options for her knee injury, even non-surgical options. The staff was amiable, and they were upfront with providing pricing estimates. I will be scheduling Bella’s surgery with Dr. Goodman very soon.
Kirsten K.

Dr. Sam Franklin is a very talented compassionate Orthopedic Vet. My CC (mini Auzzie) had a severe double patella luxation last Dec and Dr. Franklin worked with me to diagnose and figure out a surgical plan for my baby. The surgery went very well and CC was back to walking after a few months. Now, 12mo later, she is running and being her playful self and we are about to start agility training. Thank you, Dr. Franklin!

Dr. Franklin helped my Oliver with his orthopedic issue. He is compassionate and skilled. I highly recommend him for your pets orthopedic needs!

My pup had a horrible limp when I took her to dr. Franklin. She was suffering from elbow dysplasia at 6 months and daily activities were painful for her. After speaking with dr Franklin he was honest about all of the possible outcomes. We are so fortunate that we were introduced to him early and Everest’s surgery was a complete success! She is now a normal dog able to run and play. I cannot recommend Canine orthopedics enough to anyone and everyone.